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This is the story of a mama and daddy who love their new baby boy very much. It’s also the story of a bassinet that made its way across the country in a Greyhound bus to welcome a newborn baby into the world. You see, this bassinet has been in the family for several generations. Baby C’s daddy slept in it as a newborn baby, as did baby C’s older cousins. But since the bassinet has always resided on the East coast, it had to make its way to Colorado somehow – and a Greyhound bus is how it happened. Grandma sent the bassinet to Colorado in order for the tradition to continue.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I LOVE when there’s a story behind the items that parents choose to include in their baby’s first portrait session. Both the bassinet and the adorable little outfit are family heirlooms, and great-grandma actually made the sweet little teddy bear!

I can’t even express how much I love the next series of images. I LOVE a good tattoo when there’s a great story behind it. Mama and daddy both have the same tattoo – it’s a play on their last name and their love for the gorgeous mountains we’re blessed with here in Colorado. They decided to have it printed on a onesie, so that little man could match his parents. And this next image? I think it’s one of my very favorite images in my portfolio – I saw how mama was loving on her little man, and I asked daddy to snuggle in close, and magic happened!Their dog was absolutely THE cutest thing ever. This is my second family in the last few months who have a Westie for a family member. I NEED to get a Westie – cutest personalities, and I just love their sturdy little frames!!One of my favorite things about lifestyle newborn sessions is how beautiful the light almost always is in the master bedroom. And the bedding coordinated perfectly with receiving blankets that they already had on hand. I always bring along a few very simple props to my in-home newborn sessions. While we usually stick with the master bedroom and the nursery, sometimes newborns will sleep long enough to allow me to pull off a few simple “posed” images, as well. And when the lighting is right and the baby is still sleeping comfortably, it’s a match made in heaven.I’m a sucker for a well-lit nursery. Infants spend so much time in their cribs – it’s so wonderful to be able to look back on images like these and remember how tiny they looked as newborns.
Navy and white – such a clean, classic-yet-modern take on a nursery! I’ve been photographing in all these homes lately where the families are making bold color statements on the walls. It really helps pull the room together in a dramatic way!Are you expecting a new little arrival in your future? I would love to help tell your story! I offer maternity and newborn sessions (in-home lifestyle or posed, studio newborn sessions) as well as portrait sessions throughout your baby’s first year and beyond. I recommend scheduling your newborn session while in your 2nd trimester in order to guarantee a spot on my calendar (and to ensure that the session can take place within the first 10 days whenever possible), but I can usually add a few more sessions to my calendar if you’re unable to schedule that early. Feel free to contact me via my contact page, or give me a call and we can discuss your session over the phone.


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