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In Home Newborn Portraits in Fort Collins

Oh, Avery. Where do I even begin. I know I say every session is a favorite, but this in home newborn portrait session is definitely at the top of my list. Baby girl was gorgeous, slept pretty darn well (she had to take a couple of feeding breaks, but most babies do), and her parents are absolutely lovely!

Avery’s mama had a rough time after delivery, and asked if we could reschedule the session, so she was a little older than your average newborn at the time of the session. Mama mentioned afterwards that she almost cancelled rather than reschedule (she sent me a lovely email after our session telling me how glad she was that she didn’t cancel) and I’m SO glad that we went through with the portraits!

So, on a snowy afternoon, I arrived at their beautiful home in Fort Collins. Avery’s mom had chosen a few favorite props from my portfolio, and we decided to skip the traditional beanbag poses and go straight for the bucket and crate poses that she loved. I’m thrilled ¬†with the color combinations we came up with for Avery’s newborn portraits – they compliment her beautiful complexion so well. And I love a baby who can rock a yellow wrap!

After the posed images in the buckets (we took advantage of the gorgeous, diffused light filtering in from the back door and windows), we headed upstairs for some fun lifestyle images. It’s so much fun to be able to capture a combination of simple posed images along with lifestyle images with mom and dad. It really helps tell the full story of life with a newborn.I love love LOVE a (happy) bright-eyed newborn. Those serious “old soul” gazes melt my heart. Every. Single. Time.

Towards the end of the session, Avery started to fuss, and daddy took her into the nursery to settle her. This gave her mom and I the opportunity to chat about Avery’s birth story. Life with a newborn isn’t always easy, and we comiserated about the challenges of those first few weeks with a newborn. We really connected during that talk. It’s SO nice to feel like you’re not alone when you’re struggling with sleepless nights and a bit more fussiness than you’re expecting in that first little while – especially when all the magazine articles and mommy blogs talk about the blissful experience of being a new mom and things maybe just aren’t quite as easy (albeit still amazing, and incredible, and beautiful and life-altering). Life with a newborn is far from perfect or easy, but it DOES get better. And once you see that first smile on your baby’s face, it all feels worthwhile. After a while, we realized we’d been talking longer than we expected, so we tiptoed into the nursery and found daddy asleep in the rocking chair with his baby girl fast asleep on his chest – talk about a heart-melting moment!

Avery’s daddy is a big fan of the website “Chive,” and he requested a few poses in their Chive shirts at the end of the session. I love a dad with a sense of humor, and what’s cuter than a sleeping baby in a kelly green onesie with Bill Murray in the background?;)

The snow continued throughout our session, and there was a good 8 inches on the ground (and road) by the time the car was loaded back up with props, blankets, and lighting equipment. To say it was a scary drive home (note: don’t buy a crossover vehicle without all wheel drive) would be an understatement (I almost got stuck on the frontage road trying to get to the main road, because there was a hill with a sharp incline), but I made it home safely and ended up with too many favorite images from one session. I can’t wait to meet with this sweet family again and see how much their little girl has grown up.


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